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Have you ever thought a day would come when a face mask would become more important than your mobile phone while going out? I have never!!! Mask is a must now, and the government has also enforced strict rules to make people wear masks. There are different kinds of masks like men masks, women masks, kid’s masks etc. So, today we are here to present you with one of the best masks available online – Pluchi’s Face mask. We will look into the benefits and at the end of the discussion, we are sure that you will understand why they are the best. Now, the benefits of using pluchi’s face masks are

1. They act as a good filter

The primary task of a mask is to block all the particulates that are dangerous for our health. Our masks have a particulate filtration efficiency of 98.4% i.e. over 3-micron particle size and bacterial filtration efficiency of 95.5% i.e. over 3-micron bacteria size. It doesn’t have any valves or opening, to give you maximum protection. All these mean that you are safe from any of the potential threat out there. Also, all our masks are INTERTEK TESTED.

2. They are designed to fit different face shapes.

The mask should fit our face correctly without leaving any gaps or edges such that no outer bodies will enter our body. Our masks are designed to fit different faces without any trouble. Also, we know that the face shapes of men and women are not the same, so we came up with different kinds of masks, for instance, men’s masks for men and women’s mask for women. Also, we took the effort to make kid’s masks so that your kid stays safe.

3. Made from the best materials.

All our masks are made from 95% cotton and 5% lycra blend for better grip and fit. They are stretchable and also machine washable. And we would also love to highlight the point that they are eco friendly. You can wash our mask up to 30 – 51 times, which means that now, you can have a mask with superior quality and also better life.

4. Made to be delicate on your face.

The mask ties are made such that you can use your mask for longer hours without any discomfort. Also, it is breathable, ultra-soft and skin-friendly so that you have maximum comfort.

Nowadays, there is one more thing people are looking at in a face mask and that is whether it looks good on them or not. Designs also vary in women masks and men masks giving them the chance to choose. We have no choice in deciding whether we want this pandemic or not? At least we should have the choice in the type of mask we choose, right!! So, we made sure all our masks are good looking, comes in various elegant designs, and at the same time provide you the maximum protection.

These are all the benefits of using a pluchi’s face mask. We hope that we were able to help you in selecting a good mask. Lets us fight and win over this pandemic together.

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