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Cotton Knitted Decorative Cushion Cover

Due to WFH culture still in place due to the fear of the COVID-19 pandemic, we all have learned to adjust to the “new normal” of staying in, operating, and multi-tasking from home. Being stuck in our homes now and forever, we have constantly made our spaces more comforting, breathable, interesting, and liveable.

Watching that same cushions, or bed covers on daily basis generally becomes boring. As our house is the only canvas on which we can paint our creative ideas, interior decoration upgrades can provide your house a new look every time with good vibes. One such way to light up your interiors is to add a set of the perfect combination of cushion covers. Be it a living room or bedroom, decorating your living room with different types of cushion covers can provide a vibrant look to your home.

Let us show you how some of the best cushion covers can provide your interiors a quirky and interesting look with some little tweaks.

1. Add a touch of liveliness to your living room with Beatrice- Twenty Olive & Natural Colour Cushion Cover

Being in a subtle yellowish color, this pastel cushion cover can complement your furniture in a sophisticated and stylish manner. Made from a 100% premium combed knitted cotton cushion cover which provides an ultra-soft feeling when touched, these cushion covers can be a nice addition to your bedroom or living room.

Also, you can brighten up your living room with a set of 5 cushion covers by Pluchi, Throws, and baskets. Being machine washable, these soft cushion covers are easy to handle with added removable zipper at the bottom. The simple design of the cushion allows you to mix and match according to your interior colors. With a wide variety of furniture and décor tweaks to your living spaces, one can add warmth, vibrance, and a unique statement. Want to try it out for your den? Have a look at this bright-colored cushion at: https://pluchi.com/collections/cushion-covers/products/beatrice-twenty-olive-natural-color-cotton-knitted-decorative-cushion-cover

Natural Color Cotton Knitted Decorative Cushion Cover

2. Soothe your senses with Gianna – Stone & Natural Color

What do you crave the most when you get tired after working for long hours at your office table? A relaxing and comfortable surrounding that is not too vibrant but soothing to your eyes and mind. Textured with natural stone color and adorned with beautiful diamond-cut designs in white, this cotton-knitted cushion cover is a delight to your senses when you enter your bedroom for a blissful night with your loved ones.

Subtle colors like stone grey provide a cooling and soothing feel which makes your space refreshing. With the constant change in season and winters are approaching, it’s that time when you have to shop for gifting your loved ones or decorating your space. These cushion covers can pair up best with any cotton-knitted throws  or organic baby toys or even Sherpa blankets. Looking for the ideal gifts that can be used all year long? All-season cushion covers online can be the perfect gift, which includes everything from the classic look or a retro feel to a more modern feel. Looking for a memorable gift? Do not let this cushion cover slip off your hands. Check it https://pluchi.com/collections/cushion-covers/products/gianna-stone-natural-color-cotton-knitted-decorative-cushion-cover

Decorative Cushion Cover

3. Match your interiors with Gianna- Dusty Coral & Natural ColourCushion Cover

Planning an intimate get-together with your loved ones? Make sure your house interiors are color-coordinated that will automatically set the positive mood and vibrant ambiance. Choosing the set of cushions is not an easy task, especially when you are the host of your party. Compliment your guests and your home décor with dusky coral red color along with the matching cotton-knitted throws or baskets. These things add warmth and give a positive feeling to any house. Make sure your wall colors mix well with the home furniture, cushion covers, quilt covers, and more.

To make sure that your interiors are in sync, these cushion covers can be matched with rugs or carpets that can bring more life to the living room. Also, placing cushions on the rugs allows for a more comfortable sitting area and creates much more space in case there are more people. Buy this cushion cover online at: https://pluchi.com/collections/cushion-covers/products/gianna-dusty-coral-natural-color-cotton-knitted-decorative-cushion-cover

Cotton Knitted Decorative Cushion Cover

4. Go quirky with Stripe Square- Natural & Blush Pink Cushion Cover

Embroidered with stripe and square designs, these all-season cotton-knitted cushions covered in blush pink color by Pluchi provide an extra soft feeling when touched. If you are looking to light up your workstation with some creative stuff, these cushion covers paired with multi-colored décor accessories can be a great combination. An environment with a mix and match of colors can help you to increase energy levels which will lead you to increase productivity.

Also, people have a bad habit of making a huge mistake while choosing cushions. It is that they buy all the cushions of the same shape. Well, it gets quite boring. Mixing it up with different shapes and sizes of cushions adds depth and interest. Only two cushions should be of the same size and color, then one can add some variety of colors to make the look of the room appealing. Check out the cushion cover online by Pluchi at: https://pluchi.com/collections/cushion-covers/products/stripe-square-natural-blush-pink-cotton-knitted-decorative-cushion-cover

Cotton Knitted Decorative Cushion Cover

5. Stripe Square- Natural & Marine Cotton Knitted Decorative Cushion Cover

Designed with stripes in blue, these beautifully patterned cushion covers by Pluchi can make the plain couches look sophisticated and stylish. These must-have cushion cover can also brighten up your bedroom. Made from cotton which is extremely free from harmful substances, these cushion covers can be perfect partners to play with your kid during bedtime and your loved ones. Have a look at this striped cushion cover at:https://pluchi.com/collections/cushion-covers/products/stripe-square-natural-marine-cotton-knitted-decorative-cushion-cover

Marine Cotton Knitted Decorative Cushion Cover

Cushions, an otherwise seemingly ordinary piece of accessory but, when placed correctly can be a game-changer for your interiors. Adding cushions or changing cushion covers can instantly change the look of the furniture housing it. Cushions are pocket-friendly change-makers as they add a different vibe to space.

With the whole world now shopping more online, there are the best cushion covers available online by Pluchi for every décor, colour, and mood. All the cushion covers by Pluchi are made from STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified cotton which ensures that they do not contain harmful substances. You can check the wide variety of cushion covers available at: https://pluchi.com/collections/cushion-covers?page=1

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