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Pluchi – Decodram

It’s boiling outside. Therefore, we decided to plan a snuggly popcorn and movie party, and the location was none other than our bedroom. My little munchkin helped me make the bed because she’s as particular about what she snuggles in as I am.

Bed cover and Pillow Set: We made the bed with this gorgeous quilted bed cover from Pluchi that comes with pillow covers and instantly lifts the mood of the room.It’s so soft and comfortable and perfect for the monsoons. Isn’t it?

As Pluchi uses 100% organic cotton, these cotton quilts will always add a charm to your bed and make your bedtime relishing.

Cushion Covers: Then we added a bunch of snuggly cushions by Pluchi. We were not able to resist these cushions covers and decided to add them into our home décor collection. Just look at those colours, adding such a happy charm to the room. The woven texture adds so much warmth to the setup and makes this bed perfect to spend a lazy afternoon.Knitted with 100% organic cotton, these eye-soothing cushion covers by Pluchi are a must-have for your bedroom and living room.

You can buy Pluchi Cushion Covers online by clicking on: https://pluchi.com/collections/cushion-covers

After the cushions, we felt the need for must-have monsoon accessories.

Throws: Check out these snuggly throws or blankets. How much of it I say about the Pluchi throws is less!It is one of the throws that are so soft and comfortable that I have come across. They feel so good on the skin. Knitted with Combed Cotton, these throw blankets by Pluchi are breathable, free of harmful substances, and all-season friendly. Just how it should be popcorns and marshmallows followed.

And we were all set for a tiny little movie date, all snuggled up. We had a little snack in bed with a side of some kitty humor and of course, Netflix.

May the God rainsbless us with many such happy times. Cheers.

Get your favourite colour of throw or blankets now!! Check out now by clicking on: https://pluchi.com/collections/ac-blankets-throws

It’s so much fun playing around with Pluchi’s products because they’re soft, versatile, and easy to maintain.

Check out their website www.pluchi.com and tell me in the comments, if you liked our snuggly setup of our bedrooms.

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