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When we were kids and didn’t have much knowledge about the toys in the market, our parents used to bring us stuff toys. They were limited to only fluffy brown bears with bumpy red noses, tigers, and elephants. We all had some special memories with those soft teddy bears as they used to be with us every time. Be it mischievous actions or happy moments, or even in sad moments, these soft teddy bears used to be our best buddies every time.

The Animation industry has gifted numerous adorable animated and cartoon characters to the soft toys industry. With the ever-changing animation industry, kids have plenty of charming animated characters to choose from. But, while choosing soft baby toys for your kids, do remember to double-check their softness as they will become your kid’s BFF.

With plenty of organic baby toys available in the market, picking the right ones seems a daunting task for the parents.

Let us help you with selecting some of the perfect best friends for your kids, which are in trend this year.

Rattle Leo – Cotton-Knitted Stuffed Toy

Best-suited for small hands, this handy playful sensory will complete your kid’s set of soft baby toys. Made from 100% knittedcotton and soft polyester filling, Rattle Leo will be your kid’s perfect snuggle partner. Educate your child use their imagination and make them learn how he/she can treat his/her Rattle Leo, put them to bed, comfort them, feed them, take them for a walk. Rattle Leo is one of the soft toys that your kid would keep for a lifetime. This softbaby toy can be beneficial for those patients who have mild to minimal cervical pain as they can rest their neck & head on the body of Rattle Leo.

Rattle Bunny – Natural Cotton Knitted Plush Toy

Grace your child’s bed with a collection of organic baby toys, cushion covers, and baby blankets. This rattle bunny is one of the best toys for a birthday gift or decorating your baby’s room. Made from organic 100% knitted cotton, this bright, soft, and cute rattle bunny with dots and stripes are all your little one needs for playing, cuddling, and learning needs. Made from certified and soft cotton, your cuddling partner is free from 100 harmful substances. Therefore, your kid can sink their gums in the safe material from the rattle. It is available in red, mustard, and grey color.

Rattle Hippo – Tuscan sun Cotton-knitted Stuffed Toy

Is your kid tired of playing with one teddy bear? No Worries!! Have a look at the various collection of interested animated organic baby toys such as Rattle Hippo. Stuffed with polyester filling and made with 100% cotton, soft and cute rattle Hippo with rounded earsis the ultimate hug-worthy and play partner. Also, it is available in two exciting colors – Mustard and Wine Red.

Tiggy – The Dino with Melange spikes

So mushy and soothing, this cute dinosaur looks. Embellish your little one’s room with an adorable stuffed baby dinosaur toy. Designed in soothing colors from soft plush material, your kids will not get over this cute dino ever. Made from top quality with utmost care using 100% organic cotton shell to avoid allergies, this cute soft toy is sure to become your child’s best companion. You can use various shades of cotton-knitted throwsor baby blankets to decorate your child’s bedYou and your kid can also snuggle in your cozy blankets and have a warm hug and a goodnight’s sleep.

Sweet Llama- Cotton Knitted Plushie

Designed in three eye-catching colors, .i.e. stone color, pale pink color, and shell color, this trio will surely mesmerize your child’s room and make your child happy. Free from 100 harmful substances and made from 100% knittedcotton, it can also be a beautiful birthday gift for your little one’s friends. It is a perfect companion for imaginative adventures. Also, the toy has a soft wraparound on the neck.

Rocky &Bucky – The Penguin Cotton-Knitted Toy

Hey, champs!! Say Hello to Rocky and Bucky.

Well, you can introduce your little champs to their new friend who loves ice.

Bring your home this attractive, vibrant, and mushy soft baby toy for an endless hour of fun-filled playtime. Made from 100% knitted cotton, this toy is extremely soft, cuddly, and made up of safe materials for children to play with. Not only this will enhance your child’s imagination, but it will also encourage them to learn about different animals in the world.

Cute Star Cotton-Knitted Soft Toy

Designed in a soothing shade and made from soft cotton, it is a lightweight, plush, and safe toy that will be a great addition to your child’s toy collection. This toy is great for comforting, snuggling in a cotton baby blanket, and making your kid happier. Also, you can educate them on various facts about the stars while playing.

To keep your little one engrossed and you tension-free, our all soft baby toys are made from STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. It is one of the well-known labels for testing dangerous substancesin textile raw materials, intermediates, and finished goods.

Adorn your kid’s bedroom and childhood with soft, playful, and safe soft toys. You can check them out at: https://www.pluchi.com/baby-and-kids/toys.html

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