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kids Sherpa blankets

We know that Christmas isn’t coming anytime soon! There are a lot of major festivals that are in line before the most awaited festival of winters. But we also know that Christmas shopping and gifting aren’t an easy task, especially when you are planning to gift everybody home décor buff. Browsing online for hours on end and wandering around a crowded retail store without any clear is the last thing you need in the hectic schedule of your daily lives. 

Whether you are planning to gift for loved ones who love to decorate their living spaces or decorate your own space for this long-awaited wintery holiday, we have got you covered. We have put together 7 Christmas gifts categories that will make you or your loved one cherish Christmas and the upcoming of the new year in style and comfort. 

1.Share the Warmth with Kids Sherpa Blankets

Soft and fluffy, Sherpa is a knit fabric used to line clothing, winter wear, and even household items. The material gives any product a cosier feel, making it perfect to use during the cooler months.Cotton Baby Blankets made from Sherpa fabric provide excellent ability to retain warmth and preserve heat. Sherpa blankets will keep your baby warm, dry, and effectively wicks away the moisture. Along with being light-weight and less bulky, these Sherpa blankets are easy to maintain also.

Knitted with 100% Premium Cotton in front, Polyester Sherpa at the back, and beautifully printed with eye-catching designs, these kids Sherpa blankets by Pluchi can be the super-soft and cosy addition to your child’s room or can be gifted to your loved ones who are soon expecting a little munchkin. Your little munchkin easy snuggle up and have a good time with some of the organic baby toys. Have a look at these kids Sherpa blankets at: https://pluchi.com/collections/kids-sherpa-blanket

kids Sherpa blankets

2. Spread the Love with All Season Throws

How about a fashionable throw that is spread over your furniture? All-season throws blankets not only add colour to the surroundings but also, are the perfect way to add warmth to your home, especially during winters. Be it your sofas or couches, or your bedroom or even your patios, gardens, porches, Cotton-knitted Throws by Pluchi have got you covered. It can also be used as a blanket in the night while celebrating Christmas bonfire and listening to some soothing tunes.

It’s that time of the year when winters are approaching and you have to shop for gifting your loved ones or decorating your space. Surely, it’s not an easy task. But with these Cotton-knitted Throws available in a wide variety of colors from bright to dull, you can easily select as many throws as you want. Looking for the ideal Christmas gifts? All-season Throws by Pluchi might be the perfect gift for your love to show them your sense of care. Check out the throws available in a wide variety of colours online by Pluchi at:  https://pluchi.com/collections/ac-blankets-throws

knitted Throws

3. Share the Comfort with Cushion Covers

An exquisite and must-have accessory, Cushion Covers can blend well with every kind of home décor, thanks to the wide variety you get in it. From subtle to colorful ones, embroidered to plain, these Cotton-knitted Cushion Covers by Pluchi have something for every home and every room. These Cushion Covers come with an easily removable cover with a zipper and are easy to maintain.

Whether you want to gift it to your loved one or have some for yourself, these Cushion Covers knitted with premium cotton will adorn the space and add a feeling of comfort, and make it perfect for any festival or any season, giving it a new look and feel. They are a perfect addition to every nook and corner of your home. Explore the wide variety of cushion covers online, which includes everything from classic elegance to modern monochrome and boho chic.https://pluchi.com/collections/cushion-covers?page=1

4. Protect your Loved Ones with Hot Water Bottle Covers

Sometimes you need more than just a blanket to warm up your cold feet in the winter or applying heat to fatigued or sprained body parts. This is where hot water bottles come in handy. But these hot water bottles need protection from scratches and fingerprints as they can cause allergies in some people. Also, extensive use of hot water bottles can result in serious burns which are deep, painful, and require extensive medical care. Therefore, it is crucial to protect yourself from such unexpected events.

With a wide variety of Hot Water Bottle Covers by Pluchi, you can adorn your hot water bottle with a removable cover with a zip closure. Made from 100% Premium Combed Soft Cotton and available in exciting colors and designs, these covers are devoid of any harmful substances.  Check out the quirky designs for yourself at: https://pluchi.com/collections/hot-water-bottle-covers

Hot Water Bottle Covers

5. Cherish your Relaxing Time with Double Bed Quilted Blankets

When we are all set to go to bed after a long tiring day, what do we want the most? A comfortable bedding, calm bedroom atmosphere, an appropriate mattress a pin-drop silence. Bedding plays a very crucial role in our homes. Along with serving a protective role, it also serves as a decorative element. Pluchi understands this feeling. Therefore, they have got your bedding plans covered with their super-soft Double Bed Quilted Blankets or Cotton Quilts.

Made with 100% Premium Combed Cotton Shell, filled with Polyester, and free from any harmful substances, these quilted blankets can also be used as a bed cover. These Double bed Quilts by Pluchi are available in many subtle colors. If you are looking for something unique for gifting, then do not the second guess these quilted blankets as they are perfect for gifting or decorating your space. Check out these Double Bed Quilted Blankets at: https://pluchi.com/collections/double-bed-quilted-blankets

Double Bed Quilted Blankets

6. Relive your Home with Sherpa Blankets

As above mentioned, Sherpa Blankets are soft-knitted blankets on one side and soft furry texture on the other side. Getting through the wintery night or even Christmas eve is a tough thing, isn’t it? Some of the home décor brands such as Pluchi provide 100% Premium Combed Cotton blankets with a wide variety of colors, textures, and even eye-catching designs. They are so multi-coloured that you will not be able to resist adding these to your home décor collection.

Apart from cotton, these blankets contain 100% Polyester and Microfiber which helps in easy maintenance and provides anti-wrinkle properties. Looking for a rememberable gift for your loved one? Surely, you will not regret buying these Christmas Gifts online by Pluchi. Choose from the eye-catching designs at: https://pluchi.com/collections/sherpa-blankets-throws

Cotton blankets

7. Play Time Made Memorable with Soft Toys

Stuffed animals of soft toys are often the first figures in a baby’s life. During this stage, babies begin recognizing shapes, colors, textures, and faces in objects around them. Manufactured with 100% Cotton fabric and Polyester filling, these stuffed animals or organic baby toys by Pluchi are a perfect way to snuggle up with your little munchkin in bed.

Available in the shape of a variety of animals, such as monkeys, penguins, Giraffes, Elephants, Hippo, tigers, and many more, these Soft toys by Pluchi can act as best friends for the kids. They also help in the overall development of children. If your loved one is expecting a baby this Christmas, then do not hesitate from adding soft toys to your gifting list. Select from various soft toys which are perfect for snuggling from our website. https://pluchi.com/collections/soft-toys?page=2

Soft toys
organic baby toys

With all the stunning design options available, it can be hard to narrow down the perfect place to find inspiration for your home. We hope you derive ample inspiration from some of ours curated list of home décor products. Also, these are perfect for gifting and safe for snuggling up with anyone. All the products by Pluchi are made from STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified cotton which ensures that they do not contain harmful substances. You can check our other home décor products which will serve just right for occasion https://pluchi.com/

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