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ac blankets

Gifts for new mums are invariably focused on the baby. While the newborn deserves all the love and care in the world, a present for mom will make her feel pampered and appreciated. Show her how much you care by giving her one of these practical and considerate gifts that will make her life simpler.

Take a look at these selection of the finest presents for new parents. These imaginative, considerate gifts will shower her with love and care, making her smile from ear to ear with the knowledge that you see and appreciate her.Some of the presents on the list will help her get some much-needed “me time,” while others will encourage more and better sleep, which she deservedly needs. Some of these presents are for self-care or a relaxing night in. Add a Mother’s Day Card to the box if you’re buying for Mother’s Day.

With these presents and gadgets, she’ll be able to begin this new chapter of her life with greater confidence, joy, and a thankful heart.

1. Soft Toys

Soft toys, because newborns like touching and experiencing varied textures, can provide a perfect mix for developing sensory abilities while also encouraging social and emotional maturation. Even at such a young age, infants begin to comprehend the various colours, sizes, and textures of their surroundings, and soft baby toys are a great way for them to do so. Soft toys also play a great role in aiding the mental health of a budding baby. To know more about this read our blog . https://pluchiblog.in/role-of-soft-toys-in-aiding-your-childs-growth/

Babies, like adults, feel anxiety and sorrow. For children, the world is a scary place, and one method to calm them down and give comfort is to show them their favourite fluffy animal from Pluchi. Soft toys can give babies with reassurance and familiarity. They can also help babies self-soothe.When confronted with adversity, having a bear at their side may help them seek peace and provide the sense that they are with a loved one. To know about 7 Shapes of Soft Toys that are trending this season, do read our blog . https://pluchiblog.in/7-unique-soft-toys-shapes-that-are-in-trend-this-year/

2. Baby Blankets

ac blankets

Baby blankets keep your little one warm, safe, and comfortable. They may act as a security blanket for your child as well as a safe and comfy location for tummy time. Check out wide range of baby blankets from Pluchi on https://pluchi.com/collections/baby-ac-blankets.

There is a growing trend of using Organic Cotton in Baby Blankets and Pluchi also has a dedicated range for this, do check it out on https://pluchi.com/collections/organic-baby-ac-blankets

3. Kids Pouches

kids pouches

Kids pouches are great for babies since they areideal for putting baby combs, hair accessories, some diapers, wipes and other miscellaneous items! It also makes an interesting present and has a nice hand feel. Do check out our beautiful aesthetically designed and functional range of Kids Pouches on https://pluchi.com/collections/kids-pouches

4. Baby Cushions

baby cushion

The most important issue when it comes to baby cushions and keeping your child safe is providing a safe sleep environment.You may feel obligated to provide a cushion for your infant to lay their head on because you sleep with a pillow as an adult (and probably love to adorn your bed with throw pillows as well).

In reality, babies do not need pillows to sleep. Furthermore, sleeping with a cushion in their crib may be harmful to their health.

5.Kids Baskets

Kids Baskets

Pluchi has the ideal solution for gathering up your kids messes with Pluchi’saesthetically  knitted kids storage baskets. Expertly designed they are anideal match for your kids room and nursery. They also have Holders on two sides that makes these Kids baskets highly functional and portable

As a decorative accent, they’re fantastic. Knitted in a unique knit pattern with vivid colours using superior combed cotton.

6. Kids Playmats.

Kids Playmats.

Make a cosy spot on the floor for the kids. Kids playmats provides a comfy place for the baby to relax and play. Playmats are cushioned for comfort and quilted to keep the stuffing in place. When the baby moves about, it doubles as a play mat or a lovely additional blanket in the nursery. It may also be used as a picnic mat.

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