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When it comes to Home Décor a variety of trends have emerged off late. But whether you prefer a Boho Chic orMonchromatic or Rustic or Conventional home décor schemes, throws come in very handy in pulling off these décor schemes. Whether you want to add vibrancy or texture or warmth, Throws are a must have and off late Cotton Knitted Throws have gained a lot of followers amongst Home Décor Afficionados. So here we discuss 5 Ways how Throws or Throw Blankets can be leveraged to liven up your home décor and make it plush and chic.

  1. Sofa or Couch Makeover

Throws can be easily used to create many kind of looks to liven up your sofa. You can use throws to cover the back side or the arm rest or even drape it over the seat. It adds a vivid layer of vibrancy and plushness to your sofa.

Expert Home Décor Tip:  Geometric pattern on a solid coloured sofa

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2. Add a Pop to your Bedroom

Throws are one of the most versatile pieces of décor that, these days when Monochromatic looks are very popular and as a concept a pop of colour in Monochromes are gaining popularity, Throws provide a great way to do that. Add a pop of colour be it petunia pink, coral, deep orange, mustard, emerald blue or Burgundy by using Throws of these colours to add vibrancy to your monochrome Bedrooms this monsoon.

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3. Spice up your Patio or Outdoors

Why should indoors have all the fun, well you should never only stick to indoors when it comes to decorating with Cotton Knitted Throws. Throws look great in porches, gardens, patios and decks as well. They can add a touch of serenity to your outdoors and are highly recommended for chilly nights.

4. Drape over the Bench

Want to make your entrance welcoming and boho chic then Throws is the way to do it. You can employ a Cotton Knitted Throw on a bench and also add a bunch of decorative pillows to make your entrance very welcoming and also it can serve up as a great seating area.

5. Add a touch of Comfort to your Bed

Decorating the bed with throws is very popular these days as you can use it in a multitude of ways. You can either fold a Throw across the foot of the bed or even drape it near the top of the bed. Throws can also be used as bed runners and make them ultra-comfy and cozythrough chunky knitted.

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