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The monsoon season isknocking, and like every year, people have mixed feelings about the weather shift. Some people like the respite from the intense heat and the lush greenery, while others are put off by the lack of sunshine and puddles everywhere. The dark and dreary air that surrounds their residences during the monsoon season is, however, a common criticism shared by both. The pitter-patter of rain, the fragrance of rain-soaked ground, and the vivid greenery outside all point to one unavoidable and incredibly joyful fact: the rainy season has arrived in all its glory! It’s that time of year when you just want to call in sick from work and cuddle up in your blanket with a steaming hot cup of tea and some savories on the side! Among the many other things to look forward to this season is the desire for a little home décor refresh. In today’s Blog, we’ll provide you with some inspiration on how to decorate your home to welcome the rainy season! We’ve compiled a list of 5 pointers to turn your ordinary home décor into inspiring, cheerful, and uplifting environments that are monsoon-ready.

1. Freshen up your Bed cover and Pillow set in Your Bedrooms

In this rainy season, switching to fresh bed sheets and pillows would surely brighten up your home. They will improve the room’s surroundings by providing a more varied aesthetic view. For added comfort during monsoon, check out Pluchi’s cotton knitted bed cover and pillow cover set. Pluchi blankets are multifunctional blankets that may also be used as a bed cover when paired with two comfortable pillows. Pluchi’s bed and pillow cover sets are made of 100% combed cotton for maximum comfort and luxury. Pluchi’s set has a very delicate fistful feel and is entirely devoid of hazardous substances, making it the first item to change in this rainy season.

2. Invest in a new collection of Throw Cushion Covers

Throw Cushion covers are one of the most popular things to see in monsoon because they can bring all of the aspects of the room together and provide harmony to a once cluttered, mismatched space. However, choosing the correct cushion cover for your space may be a challenging process, and it’s all too simple to make a mistake.

3. AC Blankets and throws are a must

This is also one of the important things to buy for this monsoon. Buying creatively designed Ac blankets for this monsoon will highly contrast your room. You can buy AC blankets and throws from Pluchi at perfect prices. AC blankets from Pluchi are 100% pure and are combed Cotton AC blankets and throws. AC blankets are free from 100 harmful substances and are OEKO- TEX standard 100 certified.

4. Baskets for managing clumsy stuff

Baskets are one of the good and must things to manage clumsy room by managing all your small pieces of stuff in a better place in any season. You can check out baskets from Pluchi ranging in various shapes according to your basic needs. They’re made of quality cotton and come in a variety of colourfulcolours. These baskets may be used to store keys, mobile wallets, remote controls, and other immediate necessities. The size is 25 cm by 10 cm. They have a very soft hand feel and are quite breathable.

5. Double bed blanket cum bedspread for comfort and ease

With this 100 percent pure cotton blanket, you can cuddle lovingly at any time of year. It may be used as a bedspread as well. It features a very appealing jacket design. This product is as stylish as it is comfortable, making it a great complement to any bed or couch.

Pluchi is a great place to seek home décor products that may be used in your everyday life while also adding aesthetic value to your space. Pluchi has used their three decades of knitting knowledge to create a global product that everyone can treasure for themselves and their loved ones. Because their designs are timeless, they have an unusual style that is new and modern. They provide product variants for adults, teenagers, and babies.

The goods are made at facilities that are certified to “OEKO Tex Standard 100” and ISO: 90012008, 140012004, and 18001-2007. As a result, you may sit back and relax when purchasing our items.

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