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Dohar is a very popular type of coverlet that can be used to keep oneself warm during chilly winters or cool summers old.

Dohar is a very popular type of coverlet that can be used to keep oneself warm during chilly winters or cool summers old. In South Asian countries, they are popularly known as Razai and is a unique feature of this part of world. Pluchi’s Cotton Dohars are ideal for summers andare available in a jaw-dropping range of colors and designs. They are made up of 100% pure cotton with a cotton filling sandwich in between the layers that are stitched together to ensure the filling is kept in place.

This makes Dohar special from other blankets. Not only the patterns are unique but they also provide a plush feel to users. Let us look at 5 Tips on Selecting Cotton Dohars this summer

1. Temperature

Temperature is the most important factor in choosing a comfortable Dohar. Dohars can also be used in warmer months for those who like covering themselves in air conditioning so the people who like to be warm while sleeping and use AC’s in summer at night will always prefer dohar over any blanket.

2. Appearance and Decor

You can also choose it on the basis of the aesthetics, howyou want your bed is also an important factor in choosing Dohars. Since Dohars comes in a variety of colors and patterns you can also use them as a decorative bedspread. Pluchi’s pure cotton Dohars can serve as Multi Function Bed Blanket which can be used as a Bed spread too thus uplifting the décor of your room.

3. Size

Dohars comes in a variety of sizes. For example, a single bed Dohargenerally come in dimensions of 152 x 229 cm (60” x 90”) , on the other hand double size Dohars are larger compared to single Dohars with the dimensional size of 224 x 254 cm. Pluchi has a wide collection of Single and Double Bed Cotton Dohars that comes in a variety of sizes.

4. Maintenance

Dohars are lightweight and can be easily cleaned by hand or machine wash but reading the maintenance instruction is very vital before. The heavier and the thicker Dohars are a bit tricky and difficult to wash.

5. Reversibility

If you are looking for a reversible Dohar then you can buy Pluchi’s dohar. It means that a Dohar can be inverted inside out and you can have two different designs. If you are looking to change your layers regularly then a reversible Dohar will be a perfect choice for you.

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