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-5% Jungle Safari Gift Bundle

A baby is the apple of the eye for the parents. It brings a new world along with it. The life of parents takes a turn that is different and unexpected. Since the new parents are too busy putting their heart, soul, formerly restful nights, and finances into the little human being, it is best if their friends and family offer them gifts.

Being the parents to new-borns is a hectic job as they have to manage their daily work schedules and look after home chores. Between kids and other essential work tasks, anything that makes the lives of new parents easier is more than welcome. There is a wide range of gifting options available in the market. But one that Pluchi offers is the best as it fulfills the needs of the baby as well as decorates the home, and makes the lives of parents productive and comfortable.

We have created a list of 5 kids combos that you may give to your friends or relatives who have just become parents. We are certain they will truly appreciate your concern and enjoy these gifts.

1.Unicorn Gift Bundle in Pink Colour

This Unicorn Gift Bundle is an essential combo for all the millennial parents who like a truly unique quirky decor. Made from 100% Premium Organic Cotton, this Unicorn Gift Bundle consists of 3 accessories (Baby Blanket, Basket, and Organic Soft Toy) in soothing pink colour. Designed to reduce stress to parents, keep the kids warm and entertained, this gift bundle by Pluchi consists of accessories entirely made from a knitted fabric that very sifts whenever touched.

  • Wrap your little munchkin in an ultra-soft pink Cotton baby blanket with unicorns all over it.  
  • A foldable basket lets you organize your clutter. This foldable basket provides an elegant home storage solution, whether the organic baby toys for your kids or other quick essentials such as mobile phones, keys, watches, and remotes that make the home disorganized. What makes this basket a perfect companion for your home is, that it is knitted using premium cotton in soothing pink colour decorated with unicorns all over it. 
  • Meet Kizzy-The Unicorn – Knitted with 100% organic cotton fabric, this super-soft toy is perfect for snuggling in the blankets. It can be your child’s all-day companion. Check out your kids’ favourites at: https://pluchi.com/collections/gift-bundles/products/unicorn-gift-bundle-set-of-3-blanket-basket-soft-toy-in-pink-color-plbcmunc1001
Unicorn Gift Bundle

2. Cuddle & Snuggle Gift Bundle in Dark Grey Colour

Want to see your baby enjoy on the bed? Or want to spend some fun time with your baby cuddling him/her? Probably, this is one of the useful combos that new parents can get. It contains the most versatile baby essentials by Pluchi. Consisting of products made from 100% cotton, this bundle contains a set of super-soft, lightweight 2 baby blankets, and a cute elephant soft toy.

These blankets can be used at night while traveling, and while playing. The blanket acts as a security guard and creates very comfortable surroundings around the child. A Cotton Baby Blanket also serves as a crucial icon of childhood as it serves as a symbol of good times and pleasant memories. Check out this eye-soothing kid combo at: https://pluchi.com/collections/gift-bundles/products/cuddle-snuggle-gift-bundle-set-of-2-blanket-soft-toy-in-dark-grey-color-plbcmcdsn1002

Blanket & Soft Toy

3. Jungle Safari Gift Bundle in Neon Pink Colour

If you are bored with regular plain blankets and are looking for some quirky blankets with colorful designs, we have got you covered. This Jungle Safari Gift Bundle is ideal for new parents who prefer to make their baby’s surroundings vibrant and positive. This extremely vibrant bundle by Pluchi consists of a soft and snuggly pink-colored all-purpose Cotton Baby Blanket and a Monkey – a multi-colored organic baby toy.

This too-cute monkey is so soft and snuggle and would pair best with the blanket to lay or sit an infant for a photo session. Not only the blanket is perfect for keeping the baby warm when you’re out on a walk or cuddling up together with a book, but it also works beautifully as nursery décor! Have a look at it: https://pluchi.com/collections/gift-bundles/products/jungle-safari-gift-bundle-set-of-2-blanket-soft-toy-in-neon-pink-color-plbcmjngsfp1003

Jungle Safari Gift Bundle

4. Jungle Safari Gift Bundle in Aqua Blue Colour

If you are looking for a thoughtful gift for a loved one who likes to keep their house clean, then this Jungle Safari Gift Bundle covered in aqua blue colour is the one you need to ease their daily lives. This bundle consists of:

– Soft Foldable Basket: Covered with unicorns all over it along with a soothing green background, this Jungle Safari Basket could be utilised to store accessories and toys for kids. Made with organic cotton, it is very soft to touch and can be carried easily.

–  Aquatic Blanket: Dyed in light blue colour and decorated with lions and giraffes, this cotton baby blanket offers to wrap your little one let him snuggle with some organic baby toys. This blanket will allow the room to breathe and add a personality to the room.  Check it out at: https://pluchi.com/collections/gift-bundles/products/jungle-safari-gift-bundle-set-of-2-blanket-basket-in-aqua-blue-color-plbcmjngsf1002

 -5%  Jungle Safari Gift Bundle

5. Learn & Play Gift Bundle in Crimson Colour

Bring home the magical Learn & Play Gift Bundle for your little ones as it engages them in an interactive learning process. Knitted with organic cotton, this Learn & Play Gift Bundle by Pluchi contains a set of a Baby Blanket, a Basket, & an Organic Baby Toy. The blanket and basket are coloured in the vibrant orangecolour and decorated with engaging alphabets and animals.

This foldable basket can be used for storage purposes. Also, it enables teaching sessions at preschool and KG level for children by asking questions about the colour, alphabets, matching letters, or animals. The Cotton Baby Blanket can be used for many purposes by parents as it provides a sense of security to the child and parents. It can be personalized by parents for their babies in an end numerous way.

This combo includes a one of the cute organic baby toys– A giraffe covered in Yellow & Orange colour. Adding to the fun, this soft toy will become best friends with your little munchkin and mesmerize his/her playtime. If you are looking for an engaging kids’ combo for parents, then is yet another kid which will keep the child safe, engage him in, engage him in interesting activities, this might be the best pick for you.  Do not miss this vibrant combo!! Check it out at: https://pluchi.com/collections/gift-bundles/products/learn-play-gift-bundle-set-of-3-blanket-basket-soft-toy-in-crimson-color-plbcmlrplp1001

Learn & Play Gift Bundle

Amidst the culture of WFH, managing daily home chores and taking care of babies, identifying the perfect gifts for your new parents or parents to be can be a hectic task. This is why we are here to solve your gifting hassles.

Designed in a soothing shade and made from soft organic cotton, Pluchi provides unique combos that include a collection of home décor and kids care accessories that are light-weight, plush, and Organic Soft BabyToys that will be great for comforting and snuggling in a cotton baby blanket making your kid happier.

Many times, it becomes difficult for the parents alone to satisfy all these needs. Thus, if they are provided with some of the best baby gifts, it offers them a helping hand. There are a variety of options available to choose from. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to our website and choose the best gift combos for your loved ones! Do check out other interesting gift bundles by Pluchi: https://pluchi.com/collections/gift-bundles?page=2

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