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Rakhi is one of the most significant Indian holidays, and we Indians as a society take great joy in the gifting aspect associated with Rakhi. This is one of the major Indian festival that honors brotherly and sisterly affection whether brother-sister relation hip of blood or driven by emotion. It can be dubbed as an American equivalent of Sister’s Day and in time of covid-19 all the gifting associated with Rakhi is largely being bought online.So we’ve put up a list of the best Rakhi Gift Ideas for the occasion.

Amidst the covid-19 lockdown and restrictions identifying the perfect gift will be a great conundrum and to help you solve this conundrum this season, we have created a list of four Rakhi gift ideas that you may give to your sisters to make this Rakhi special for her. We are certain your sisters would enjoy these!

1. Throws

If you’re looking for a present for your brother or sister, throws are a good option because they are a very versatile piece of Home Decor. Throws can provide a decorative role by adding a splash of colour to an otherwise bland area. A throw from Pluchi may also be used as a cover to keep you warm in a chilly night outdoors. If your couch is old, tuck the sofa throw inside the sofa to form a simple covering, and it will undoubtedly be one of the greatest Rakhi gifts.

2. Cushion Covers

Cushion covers have the ability to completely alter your house in the blink of an eye. It adds individuality and character, and its very presence brightens any environment. From the vast variety of cushion cover patterns, you are sure to discover the right item at Pluchi.We have you covered if you want to add a dash of colour to your bedroom or locate the ideal couch cushion cover to match your living room décor. Explore their extensive collection of cushion covers online, which includes everything from classic elegance to modern monochrome and boho chic. https://pluchi.com/collections/cushion-covers

3. Ponchos

Ponchos are a flexible fashion statement for many types of women when the fall weather cools. Consider that a poncho may be made in a lovely, complimentary way to fit various body shapes before dismissing them as overly overpowering. From tiny and curvaceous to tall and leggy, each lady may discover the right poncho for her requirements. This warm, comfy coat may be worn in a variety of ways. Pluchi is a good place to look for one. https://pluchi.com/collections/fashion-ponchos


Dohars are elegantly designed soft blankets that are filled with a lightweight filler and are ideal for mild weather. Some of the dohars are reversible, with a statement design on one side and a coordinating pattern on the other. With an airy array of floral, abstract, geometric, and ethnic designs, these dohars are guaranteed to provide a new appearance. A wide choice of designs and vibrant colours make purchasing dohars online a pleasurable experience. Take your choice from our full assortment of dohars online and select the ones that best suit your needs for this Rakhi. https://pluchi.com/collections/single-bed-ac-blankets-throws-dohars

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