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Often, people tend to change or upgrade the interiors of their home every 2-3 years as looking at the same colours makes it boring. Adding and combining different textures to your interiors can provide a rustic farmhouse, boho chic, or cool contemporary looks. 

We know, you are thinking that we will suggest to you some ideas to decorate your interiors, but we will not. Instead, we will suggest to you some ideas that will provide a different charm to your interior with the addition of stylish throw blankets. Made from 100% premium combed cotton, these vibrant knitted throws will add a pop of colour to your space and warmth to your environment. We have thought over 10 ideas that you can use for decorating your interiors with throws that will amp up your space.

  1. For the love of colours and texture

If you are the one who gets bored of the same interiors and loves experimenting variety of colours, then this orange-coloured throw will be a great addition to your living room. To contrast, the interiors such as blue sofa, wooden colour almirah, and table, dark green chair can be used. Pluchi has a variety of throw blankets that will provide a classy look to your surroundings. 

Your living room is the soul of the house. Decorate your living room with an orange cotton-knitted throw blanket that will provide a different look to your interiors. We loved it. You can choose from a variety of colours and designs that go hand in hand with your interiors and your moods. 

Cotton Knitted All Season AC Throw Blanket

2. Turn your Good Mornings into Soothing Earthy Tones

Keeping things minimalist in the bedroom is the best way to achieve a dreamy oasis and make your surroundings soothing, but keeping things all white can be too stark. Some people give their room an all-white makeover to make it minimalistic, which eventually becomes boring soon. To break the monotony, you can revamp your crisp linens by decorating it with plush knitted Throwswhich will provide more texture to the overall setup. Also, you can add assortment of cushion covers with soothing colours which will maintain the neutral look while incorporating a cosy addition.

Pluchi offers variety of throw blankets for both single bedding and double bedding. It also offers variety of plush cushion covers to choose from.  

AC Throw Blanket

3. Transforming your Outdoor Living too

Before the invention of cloth, humans relied on fur to keep their bodies warm. Another material that was later discovered to provide warmth was fleece. It is a sheep’s coat. A beautiful knitted throw is a warm and flexible classic that can be used for all purposes throughout the year. But cotton throws will provide your outdoor setup more relaxed and fluffy feeling. Placed on light-colored chairs or sofas, it will attract you to sit in the quiet mornings. It can also be your book reading spot or working spot.

Throw Blanket

4. Upscaling your Entryway

Whether you’re using benches as seating in your entryway, or just want a timeless piece of furniture to fill the gaps in the interior, cotton-knitted throws and plush cushion covers are the perfect combinations for adding style to interiors. Place two throw blankets and cushions on the top of your bench of choice for an on-trend upgrade that will transform your space in all the right ways.


5. All about being Artsy

If you are the one who likes dark colours, in-depth designs, and are looking for something to decorate your bedding with the light-coloured accessory, then this one is for you. Thebedding of your room can be decorated with knitted-throw an assortment of pillows. It can also be adorned with simple and minimal designer throws by pluchi. Check one out for yourself at: https://pluchi.com/collections/ac-blankets-throws

Throw Blanket

6. Being Modern and Sophisticated

If you are the person who loves to experiment with designs along with being simple and modern, then this idea is for your space. Any space can be turned attractive with two curved sofas, a designer rug, and plenty of artwork. Decorated with chic throws, these sofas will bring charm, comfort, and warmth to the living room. You can also do some tweaking to your living room by adding some of the stylish cotton-knitted throws. Don’t forget to check the vibrant collection of throw blankets. They are perfect for cuddling in bed or on the couch.

throw Blanket

7. Adding Double-Trouble to your Entertainment Game

Giving your entertainment space a refreshing look by decorating it with some of the layered throw blankets. Add double the amount of style by introducing the two different or same throw blankets in the same space. This cohesive approach will make any room look perfectly curated and photoshoot-worthy.  You can also try the variety of options for decorating these seats with an eye-catching colours or patternson this duo to make it look stand out. Made with 100% premium combed cotton, these throws by pluchi are safe for every as they are free from any harmful substances. Check one out for yourself at: https://pluchi.com/collections/ac-blankets-throws

Throw Blanket

8. Cosy Contemporary Designs are Charming

Modern designs are a thing on which we love swooning over, but they can be tricky to incorporate into your own interior aesthetic. Trying out these light-coloured throw blankets in the space that contain dark colours will give a cozier feeling. This will be loved by everyone and can provide a perfect setup for snuggling in with your kids.

9. Makingyour Chit Chat Corner Stylish

If you are the one who likes to stretch your legs way up the table and do your thing, then this décor idea is for you. The bright and airy area in your home can be designed to give you a relaxed feeling where the sofa chairs contains a cushion, a beautiful and soft-cushioned table, and a matching patterned throw. Of course, you can change the vibe of the place by adding throws that contain customized designs and are available in soothing colors. Pluchi’s Throw & cushion covers will enhance the look of your home

10. It is all about the Pattern Game

The pattern is surely a lovely piece of art that depicts the creativity of the creator. Be it the bed frame, a cotton quilt, or a cushion cover, patterns bring a different vibe to the space. Giving your bedroom a whole patterned look can be boring. That’s why we have got you covered with simple and plain throw blankets to provide a sophisticated look to the bedroom. 

With cotton-knitted throws by Pluchi, you can amp up your space and uptrend your pattern game. Do check out the variety of knitted throws here: https://pluchi.com/collections/double-bed-ac-blankets-throws-dohars

Adding comfort and warmth to any interior with a stylish throw blanket -whether hung from the back of longue chair, or tossed artfully on the arm of the sofa, or laying it across your bed. We hope you will use some of our designs, ideas and use our throws to provide a complete overhaul to your space. Pluchi’s Throw & Cushion Covers will complement the design of your house.

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